Player ratings: Week 1, Vs Indy Eleven

Falling, Up?

Reacting to the wild weekend that was, it’s now time for player ratings. Players will be rated per individual performance on a scale of 1-10, 5 being standard par. Despite the score line (and disciplinary sheet) it truly wasn’t a terrible performance by Birmingham Legion. They fell 1-0 to Indy Eleven on Saturday, May 1st though, and here’s where everyone stands.

11: Neco Brett – 5.0 – Pulled a chance wide in the first half. Was rather unheard of for the rest of his time on the pitch.

17: Jaden Servania – 6.5 – A promising young talent. Impressive with the ball at his feet, and finding good spaces in attack. Put in a few good passes throughout the match as well. 

8: Bruno Lapa – 5.5 – The midfield machine never really got going in the first half. A few changes in shape during the match opened up the pitch, but it was a little too late for Bruno and the Legion.

23: J.J. Williams – 4.0 – Became much more productive when pushed up top as opposed to his wider starting position. It was a frustrating night for Williams as chances went begging. He appeared to showcase that anger close to the death of the match, and was sent to the locker room early with a straight red card. 

6: Anderson Asiedu – 6.5 – Not brilliant, but Asiedu put in a solid shift for Birmingham Legion. Around the half hour mark, he found a good position in between the CBs and opened the midfield for Legion to run in. His footwork leaves a little to desire, but his general hold up play looked good.

5: Mikey Lopez – 6.0 – Defensively sound. Back tracked well. Picked out a few good passes. Really hope to see him revved up and running next match. 

24: Johnathan Dean – 5.5 – Made some decent runs, and found himself in good positions up the pitch. His ball retention and passing were not up to snuff. That could be said of the entire midfield though, with no one really dialing in on their sights.

21: Alex Crognale – 4.7 – Really should have bagged a powerful header early in the first half, but hit it straight to the keeper. He was at fault for both the foul, that led to the goal, and the goal. Crognale pulled together quickly though, and stayed sturdy for the rest of the match.

3: Phanuel Kavita (C) – 8.0 – Wondering why Soehn captained the new guy? Re watch the tape. Kavita was stalwart for the Legion. He is big and powerful, and lets very little get past him. He almost made a goal line clearance to keep the clean sheet, but alas it is a game of inches. Kavita, was a rock and is our Man of the Match against the XI. 

7: Ryan James – 6.0 – Put in a good shift. Did everything that was asked. Not much more, but not much wrong either. 

1: Matt VanOekel – 5.0 – Really can’t fault him much on the goal. Made an outstanding save at first, but the rebound was steered regardless. There wasn’t much more asked of the Legion keeper, but his distribution looked well for the match of the season. 

Subs & More

12: Eli Crognale – 5.5 –  Subbed in at 66th minute, Eli looked good in his half hour of play. Moved the ball forward well, and his overall passing was decent.

10: Prosper Kasim – 5.5 – Kasim found his way into the match fairly quickly, with some impressive play around the penalty area. As with the rest of the team however, it was a night of missed passes and opportunities for the 10 as well. 

Coach Soehn – 6 – Augmenting the game plan nearly worked. It was a nice show of adaptation, but Soehn and Co need to find a way to replicate that first and last 15 minutes, throughout an entire 90.

Birmingham Legion – 5.5 – Started the game really well, but when overwhelming offense didn’t work out it took Legion a while to find an answer. A few moves in the midfield opened up a clogged midfield. Moving J.J. up top was a little too late. He really should’ve been more crisp with his finishing either way  though. Legion need to be a bit tidier throughout the pitch, but the overall game plan looks fun going forward.

BBVA Field – 3.0 – Club President Jay Heaps summed it up:

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