The Pundit Panel (Week 8): Legion @ OKC Energy

Labor nihil vincit

For a while it looked like the last game would have to be shelved, but no, the rain eased up, the team’s management got out their magic brooms and all was well. John’s 2-0 prediction seemed as if it was going to be spot on, but Tulsa pulled one back late to give Kaylor the perfect score instead.

This week’s trip west is the first rematch with a previous opponent so far this year; how’s it going to go down?

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
win 2-0

win 3-1

draw 1-1

win 2-0
Comments New coach, same team. I see no reason to believe OKC can best the Legion, short of blinding them with their neon pink and green home kit. The Three Sparks are now settled into the new style of play and should extend the current longest win streak in the Championship. Look also for Neco Brett to bag his 50th regular season goal. I expect to see the 3-5-2 deployed against OKC again, and with an improved performance. OKC Energy F.C. have yet to post a win this season, and Birmingham have already beaten them using this same formation. Legion keeps two up top, and outclasses a floundering OKC Energy. This is one that I have no idea what to expect. With recently firing their coach, it’s a coin flip on whether or not the OKC team will be fired up or completely fired up. Go add to that, Taft is considered to be one of the most difficult venues to play at in the USL. We’ve got the momentum, and we’ve managed our first multiple-goal game. I pick the Three Sparks to keep it going on the road this weekend.
Season to Date 3/14 4/14 9/14 3/14

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