The Pundit Panel (Week 12): Legion v. Memphis 901

Top of the table v. bottom of the table

Simon (who’s out this week) hit the nail on the head for the Indy game, and John got the margin of victory right, so they both get full marks. This week’s predictions may be just a tad easier with the Memphians coming to town for some good ‘cue.

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
win 2-0

win 2-0

win 2-1
  Memphis has scored 9 goals in 9 games. Their average is going to drop this week. Far stronger teams have failed to break through the Legion defense, which has changed for the better since the last time they visited. 901 will be stymied yet again.

At the other end of the field, Neco Brett will be adding to his season total in the Golden Boot chase. At least once, if not more.

Overall, the Three Sparks will have some fun in what will seem like the first complete home game in forever.

Legion has already posted one victory over the 901 this season, and has only improved since. While the overall tactics may change match by match, one constant is that Birmingham Legion can find the net. Expect a creative midfield to set up yet another Neco Brett goal, at minimum. 

With Legion gaining new talent in the squad and Memphis still without their best player, Roland Lamah, it’s a further reminder to Area Code FC to “Mind the Gap.”

The talent gap between the two squads is pretty wide and is only getting wider. With a home match that is shaping up to be a beautiful match day, the atmosphere will be pumping at The Bank.

Overall, the 901 back line is going to struggle to contain Neco, Bruno, JJ, Jaden, and Mikey. Their offense has looked pretty pedestrian all year and I do not see that changing against the star-studded defense of the Three Sparks.

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