The Pundit Panel (Week 13): Legion @ Indy Eleven

Back in action at last

After a surprising result that none of the panel expected against Memphis, plus a wee off due to the Gold Cup interfering with the schedule, the Legion has dropped off the division lead and needs a to get back on track. Here’s what the experts think:

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Draw 1-1

Win 1-0

Draw 1-1

Win 1-0
  Both teams have stumbled a bit of late, and I’m predicting this one a week early, as I’ll be on vacation.

The issue here is: who is hungrier for the win? I suspect the answer is Indy, as they will be in front of their home crowd and are still trying to impress a relatively new coach.

I wouldn’t be surprised at a Legion win, however, nor at another silly PK giveaway by Indy, but overall these are fairly evenly matched teams and so I’m going with split points.

Birmingham will have had two full weeks of rest, and planning before this match. Having seen this Indy side twice now, and having been on either side of the result, Legion should have plenty to analyze. Sohen may even change the look of the Legion for the sake of a clean sheet. I see a back four and well fought win.
With a more experienced backline and star CB Hackshaw back from international duty, Indy looks to be a much scarier team than just a few matches ago when the Legion won 1-0. The loss against Area Code FC really showed the flaws of the Legion side, but with several days to work on their craft, I look for the 3 Sparks to be in better form. 
I believe this will end as a 1-1 draw with Legion controlling the pace of play.
Legion to bounce back on the road and come back with another 1-0 win.
Season to Date 7/24 7/24 11/24 8/24

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