The Pundit Panel (Week 18): Legion v. FC Tulsa

Round 3 of this one

Simon called the Memphis game on the nose, and gets full points; everyone else not so much. This weekend’s matchup against FC Tulsa is a potential revenge game after the 3-1 loss in Oklahoma. Here’s what the panel thinks:

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Win 2-1

Win 2-0

Draw 2-2

Win 2-1
  At this point forecasting the Central Division with the exception of Lou City and SKC II has become something of a crapshoot. Anyone can win or lose pretty much any game.

That being said, I don’t see the Legion letting the home fans down. That 3-1 beatdown is only two weeks old and the team is now rested for the first time in what seems like forever. Retribution is at hand.

Tulsa still doesn’t seem to have it all together after yet another loss, making them 1-0-5 in their last 6. So the Legion’s last loss to them seems more like a one-off now. Birmingham Legion keeps things fresh with a little more rotation, but continues on with an attacking formation. Legion take this one 2 – 0.

Tulsa, as we saw last time we played, is a real deal opponent who demands respect at all times. While they’ve had their 4 goal defeats, they can also beat any team in the league on their day. With the Legion back at home in front of fans, it’s safe to assume that The Bank will continue to be a fortress, but what should we expect from this team?

I believe that we will see this offense continue to flourish while our defense continues to reinvent itself just a little.

Legion draw 2-2

Last week was very up and down for Legion with the thrashing of SKC bookended by a dismal loss to Tulsa and a somewhat wasteful performance against Memphis where they should’ve gotten more out of the game. The attacking intent shown at AutoZone Park was encouraging enough to convince me that Legion can eke out a result against Tulsa in friendlier surroundings. 2-1 Legion.
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