The Pundit Panel (Week 25): Legion v. Indy Eleven

Seals and Croft can stay home this time

Everyone correctly predicted the win last week, but no one expected it to be as close as it ended up, so only 1 point each. This week we have another game against a division foe languishing in the basement. What will happen?

  John Fuller Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Prediction Win 2-0 Win 1-0 Win 2-0
  Indy Eleven got away with daylight robbery back in the season opener at the then sandy Bank. Since then they lost their head coach and have been…not good. They have two wins in the last eleven games – against SKC II and Real Monarchs, both eliminated from the playoffs. They even managed to lose 4-1 to the execrable (and also eliminated) Loudoun United.

They are ripe for a pummeling, but that’s not quite the Legion style. Still, multiple goals will occur. At one end only.

I said it early and I was laughed at. Did I tell y’all so? Absolutely. This Indy team isn’t what it usually is. Name brands can only carry you so far. Having a coach essentially quit will ruin a locker room, even one with All-USL talent in Hackshaw and Moon. As we oh-so-fondly remember The Day BBVA Became a Beach, Indy has shown that they can beat us but that opening match feels like a lifetime ago.

So what about this match? I have my fears. As every match grows more and more important for the hunt for the division, it feels like this castle could come crumbling down in an instant. My head is saying 1-0 to the Boys in Black but my heart is saying 1-1 draw. Which do I go with? Well, I was told I am legally required to answer so I’ll go with a 1-0 win for Legion.

Legion are riding high – second in the conference and second in the USL Power Rankings (which only matter when we’re near the top, obviously). I expect them to ride the high of clinching a playoff spot and beat Indy somewhat comfortably. Let’s say 2-0.
Season to Date 14/54 19/54 16/54

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