Birmingham Legion to exit BBVA Field

Apparently PNC Field isn't a nice enough name

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, the Birmingham Legion announced today that it has agreed with UAB to end the stadium lease at BBVA Field, which was also renamed today PNC Field in recognition of the purchase of BBVA by PNC.

The lease had 5 years left to run, but the field maintenance problems experienced this year make the move something of a necessity. The team did not specify that as a reason for the early end to the lease, but it is clear that this would have to be part of the decision.

The Legion also stated that the team’s new home will be revealed “at the appropriate time once an agreement can be finalized.” Which will also surprise no one, considering 1) the number of appropriate locations available – 2 if you count Legion Field – and 2) information previously leaked on the subject, despite the Legion remaining decidedly tight-lipped on the subject.

All remaining home games in 2021 will be played at the Bank, starting with this weekend’s quarterfinal game against Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

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