Freddy Kleemann back with the Legion

Nightmares for the opposition?

Sorry, Freddy. Just had to do that.

As picked up on Instagram yesterday, Freddy Kleemann was spotted hanging out with Khano Smith and members of the team at a Birmingham movie theater after watching The Batman. Obviously a poor viewing choice. The team today confirmed the defender’s return to the Legion on a season-long loan from Austin FC of MLS.

Freddy’s tenure at the Three Sparks last year was brief – just two games – as he was recalled to Austin which was at the time working through some injury problems on the back line. He played 47 minutes in 3 games for the Texans over the course of the season.

For those who don’t remember, Freddy is a 6’4″ centerback and thus fits in well with the team’s sizeable back line philosophy. He will likely fill a similar role to Ben Ofeimu (who is now with The Miami FC), providing some added depth and youth to an already solid defense.

Welcome back, Freddy!

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