Birmingham Legion Signs Forward Sadik Balarabe

Veteran attacking power

Birmingham Legion today announced the acquisition of Sadik Balarabe. The 30-year-old forward joins the team from Turkish Cypriot side Mağusa Türk Gücü. In two separate 1-year stints with the team he helped them to two league and league cup wins while winning the Cup Golden Boot both times.

Aside from that he is quite the world traveler. Raised in London, England, he attended college here in the US in Michigan and also played for the Chicago Inferno, which at that time was a member of the Premier Development League, now known as USL League 2. His professional career has seen him pass through, Greece, Spain, Turkey and England at varying levels of play.

There’s quite a few videos of him on YouTube, so you can check him out at length. In general, he looks able to score equally comfortably with both feet as well as with his head, and can also play as a winger with pinpoint accurate crosses (mostly from the left). About the only bad thing you can say about him is his last team played in green and yellow.

As an international he of course still has to go through all the visa and transfer certificate nonsense, so it’s not clear how soon he will be able to play.

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