End of Season Report Cards: Part V

The Final Four

With this group we conclude our reviews of player performances over the 2022 season. Two of them are young enough to be getting actual report cards.

Mataeo Bunbury

Final Grade: B+

The Bunbury family are closely tied to Sporting KC, and that’s where the 17-year-old started this season, playing significant minutes in MLS Next Pro. He joined the Legion in July after being turned down for a first-team contract. That was good for the Legion but possibly a tactical mistake for himself. He played a total of 210 minutes over 13 substitute appearances with the club, scoring a PK against Loudoun and getting an assist in the same game. That was barely half the minutes he got with SKC II in 2021 in the USL and a third of his playing time in MLSNP in 2022. He’s a legitimate talent and showed it in his limited playing time here, but he’s on a roster that isn’t short of attacking options, especially on the right.

Trevor Spangenberg

Final Grade: B+

Being the backup keeper is much like being the backup quarterback, not wanting the starter to get hurt but also wanting a chance to show your chops. Trevor got to play in 5 games this season, 2 in the Open Cup, 2 in the regular season and the last-minute substitution in the playoffs. In the end, Trevor seems to have demonstrated that he is a better PK goalie than a regular shotstopper. In the playoff game he was one save shy of taking a PK himself after 2 huge stops. But in his 4 starts this year he allowed 7 goals and has just 2 clean sheets in his entire Legion career (which is admittedly only 19 appearances).

Matthew Corcoran

Final Grade: A-

Last year in USL League One Matthew played 64 minutes in the first 2 games, but never played again. North Texas SC (the FC Dallas reserve squad) moved to MLSNP and Matthew grabbed the chance to move up a tier. He got 168 minutes over 11 games this year. Not bad considering he’s still just 16. In that time he showed way more confidence than his age justifies, not to mention ability with the ball and in the challenge. He’s also big and strong. The kid has a seriously good career ahead of him.

Grayson Dupont

Final Grade: B-

The hometown boy was a preseason trialist and looked good to this reviewer in scrimmages. Apparently the club thought so too, as he was immediately signed. However, he was only a bit player, getting 53 minutes over 8 appearances and not really being called on to do much. That included a final minute substitution in the playoffs, making him the 10th man in the shootout. His attempt was saved, unfortunately, but that’s hardly a criticism of him. A hell of a way to end his season though.

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