Juan Agudelo remains in Birmingham

Striker #3 signed

Well, I should learn not to make roster predictions, especially when suffering from jet lag.

Your faithful correspondent is currently in the UK for family reasons and is 6 hours ahead of Birmingham. This, having earlier in the day opined that the return of Neco Brett likey meant that the meditations to bring back Juan Agudelo had failed, I went to bed safe in my assumptions.

So imagine my surprise on waking up Friday morning to find that the Legion and ABC 33/40 had done a late news dump on us completely disproving my thought process.

Thanks a bunch.

Anyway, it turns out that Juan is indeed going to be a Legionary in 2023 and is looking to build on last year’s progress and earn a trophy.

With Pasher, Brett and Agudelo in the fold, the front line is looking extremely dangerous, and that will be very true if Juan can be more successful finding the back of the net than he was last season. How this will work out tactically remains to be seen, and there is still the open question as to what the club will do to fill the holes left by Bruno Lapa and Jonny Dean. I have some ideas, but given my current form on prognostications I will leave that for a few days. Our good friend Kaylor Hodges at Hammering Down has his own thoughts. Events have superceded those too, but go check then out anyway.

In the meantime, welcome back Juan!

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