We’re going on a historical expedition

Yeah, not really

Just a quick post to let you all know that the Football Forge will be a bit quiet, if not completely silent, until June 1st. Mrs. Forge and I will be taking a cruise from Athens (Greece, not Georgia) to Ravenna, Italy via Kotor, Montenegro and Split, Croatia (the home country of Edi Horvat, if you recall)1Edi, by the way, after leaving the Legion found his way to NK Krka of the Slovenian Second League and since late April has been with UMF Grindavik of the Icelandic second tier.. Should be a fun trip.

We will of course be taking time while there to examine the Greek claims to have originated soccer in a game known as επίσκυρος (episkyros) or another one called φαινίνδα (phaininda), both of which sound more like rugby or football, frankly. As an Englishman I know this is complete garbage, naturally, so if you hear reports of an American tourist being killed with a hoplite spear you’ll know the reason why.

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