2021 Season Schedule Announced

A busy start to the season coming

The USL today released the entire schedule of games for the 2021 season. In addition to the actual dates of games, we now also know the non-divisional opponents the Legion will face this year.

Those opponents are San Antonio FC (away), Austin Bold FC (home), The Miami FC (away) and Charlotte Independence (home). That’s two Eastern Division opponents and two Mountain Division opponents. Of the three, Birmingham has only ever played Charlotte (Miami only joined the USL last season and was not in Birmingham’s group). So in total we will get to see five teams the Legion has never faced before (adding in OKC Energy and FC Tulsa as new divisional opponents).

The season will also start off in hectic fashion: in May the Legion has a total of 6 games, with the trip to San Antonio sandwiched in the middle of that stretch. At least the team doesn’t have to go there in August. The trip to Miami is in June, also not too bad.

The 13 home dates include just 3 midweek games, and 4 Sunday games, the other 9 games all being on Saturday, and there are no home kickoffs earlier than 4pm. Kick-off times have been announced by the club for all home matches. That puts the team ahead of the remainder of the league it seems, as only one away game has a scheduled start time (Atlanta United 2 on September 22nd).

To help you keep track of the Legion’s schedule, we have created a downloadable calendar you can import into Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. You can download the file here. The away games with unscheduled kickoff times have all been assigned an arbitrary 3pm kickoff. We will update those as and when the times are finalized.

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