Player ratings: Week 2, vs. Louisville City FC

Steadily stepping forward.

Mark Almond |

A better performance, against a better team. Birmingham Legion brings home a point from Louisville in match week two. The Legion took a big step forward throughout the week, and had a great showing away to one of the leagues better teams. In a match where everyone stepped up from last week, this is where our players stand after week two. 

11: Neko Brett – 8.0 – Finding better space, holding up the play, making good runs. Brett did a little of everything one could ask for from a forward. He won, and converted the penalty for the equalizer. It was a good night in Louisville for the man up top.

10: Prosper Kasim – 7.0 – Great passing on the night. One of many midfield pieces that brought the offence to Louisville City FC. Always a fun watch going forward. When every ones timing gels together a little more, look for some game breaking passing from Kasim. 

8: Bruno Lappa – 7 .5 – Much the same as was said of Kasim can be said of Bruno Lappa for the evening. Creativity pours from this Legion midfield. They just need to dial in their passing a tad more, and this team will be a buzz saw in the midfield. 

17: Jaden Servania – 7.0 – This kid is good. Comfortable, and confident on the ball Servania gives a calming presence around the opposition penalty area. It’s only a matter of time before the assist start racking up for the youngster. 

5: Mikey Lopez – 7.0 – He got blindsided, and missed his mark on the one conceded goal. Other than that, Lopez also puts in a great midfield shift. The press worked well through the night, and a lot of that is down to Lopez. He didn’t give the Louisville back line too many clear passes into the midfield which opened up Kasim and Brett to hound the ball down a few times. 

6: Anderson Asiedu – 8.5 – He was everywhere. Everyone’s Man of the Match spent his Saturday slowing Louisville down throughout the midfield, dribbling out of danger, tracking back, and picking out passes. Asiedu was the epitome of a defensive midfielder on the night. 

7: Ryan James – 6.5 – Showed good recovery, but needed it a little too often. Watts for Louisville City FC kept James on his heels all night. He stayed level headed however, and stayed sturdy for the evening.

3: Phanuel Kavita (C) – 7.5 – Another huge defensive showing for Kavita. He’s just a rock who happens to have great defensive positioning. Keep earning that armband Phanuel.  

22: Ben Ofeimu – 6.5 – Didn’t truly stand out, but still had a good shift away from home. 

24: Jonathan Dean – 6.5 – Didn’t do much going forward on the flank, but another good piece in a stout back line. 

1: Matt Van Oekel – 8.0 – Not much at fault on the goal, he commanded his box for the rest of the evening. Took up good positions in goal, and made a few necessary stops to keep the point for Birmingham.

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2: Marcos Ugarte – 5.5 – Made a brief cameo, and no mistakes. 

12: Eli Crognale – 5.5 – Also a short sample of Crognale. He gets a few good minutes seeing out the game.

13: Jake Ruff – 6.0 – He could have let a Louisville City FC man run free in the box, but he held his own and helped snuff out said attack. Looked good for the time he was on as well.

Coach Soehn – 8.0 – He set up the midfield to be successful, and they were. It wasn’t always the best going forward, but it looked much more cohesive this week. The back line continues to impress as well. The ideas are there, and so is the talent. Soehn just needs a little more consistency from his side, and may the points pile.

Birmingham Legion – 8.5 – The boys really showed up all over the pitch tonight. An early goal against a good team, in an end to end battle would shatter most teams. The resilience shown by the entire Legion was beautiful to behold. Keep these types of performances coming please! Hammer Down!

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