Week 4 Preview: what you need to know

Some big games this this week

Trent Giles

Ok, let’s start with the most important thing: whatever you do this weekend, do not show up at BBVA Field at 6:30pm Saturday evening. Unless you like watching grass grow.  Actually, now I think about it, you’ll probably be disappointed if you do.

Yes, the Legion are migrating across town for the week to their namesake stadium.  And as the Barons play the Rickwood Classic every year (but not this year, sadly), the Three Sparks should do this once annually too. Just sayin’.

That should be the #1 item on your to do list this weekend, but there is plenty of other action in the USL Championship to keep an eye on.

There are two other games in the Central Division this weekend. On Friday evening Sporting Kansas City II play the Colorado Springs Switchbacks (7pm). OKC Energy welcome Atlanta United 2 to Oklahoma City late Sunday afternoon at 5pm. Those are frankly only worth a look-see if you want to check out the Legion’s future opponents. Twonited also play next Wednesday at 6:30pm as FC Tulsa visit Kennesaw. Louisville City have the week off entirely.

The biggest game of the weekend you won’t be at in person could in fact be a preview of the 2021 final, and what would have been the 2020 final. At 7pm Saturday evening on ESPN2 (with the Legion game now conveniently not clashing) the Tampa Bay Rowdies host Phoenix Rising in their first ever meeting. Currently #1 and #2 on the power rankings, this should be a can’t miss. Both are 2-0-0 so far this season and have a GD of 6, and have allowed just one goal between them. Something will have to give this week.

Another good game, and one of direct interest to Legions fans, features the top two teams in the Mountain Division, a Copa Tejas clash featuring the surprising Rio Grande Valley Toros and San Antonio FC. The Legion head to San Antonio next weekend, so this will be a useful scouting opportunity. That game is Sunday at 7:30pm.

Ever wanted to make a tifo? Well, you can get in on the action tonight. The City of Birmingham is not allowing tailgating at Legion Field, so the good folks at the Magic City Brigade have a couple of alternate events planned:

Not exactly tifos, more of a cross between those and the ad banners you see at European games in COVID-emptied stadiums. But close enough. And of course, they couldn’t allow a complete lack of pre-game lubrication, so as you can see there will be an event at Good People Brewing Saturday lunchtime. Just go easy on the Snakehandler, OK?

So, lots of stuff to watch out for, and we’ll see you at the Old Gray Lady!

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