The Pundit Panel (Week 3): Legion v. Memphis 901

A laugher? Let's hope so.

The panel still has managed to accumulate a grand total of 0 points. However, given last week’s opponent, a draw was a successful outcome. This week should be very different, with the as yet untested Memphis 901 coming to town, and to Legion Field no less. Here are this week’s predictions:

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
win 3-0

win 3-0

win 2-1

win 3-1
Comments The Legion whipped Memphis 901 by this scoreline in the first meeting of 2020, and will again. They got better – a bit – after axing head coach Tim Mulqueen, but haven’t done much to develop since. Their two best players – Dominic Oduro and Dre Fortune –  signed just this week. Their #1 goalkeeper, John Berner, has just 2 appearances in the last 4 years. 2020 top scorer Cal Jennings is now in Las Vegas. A 3-goal margin should be a minimum objective for the Three Sparks. Each match, thus far, has seen Birmingham Legion build upon the last. This is the perfect opportunity to put all the pieces together. Memphis will be riding high after their 5-0 win, and will continue to attack. Legion’s hardened defense and hasty offense will smother the 901, in Memphis’ first true USL test this season. With turf playing quicker than grass, this seems like it’ll be a field day for Dean and Flemmings and they’ll be allowed to run wild. Memphis does have some nice firepower on offense, assuming they play up to the level that they can.  The Legion will probably concede from a set piece again. But there’s a fair bit conspiring against Memphis in this one. Their first game of the season. On the road. They’ve had a bit of a tumultuous preseason. The Three Sparks being back in Birmingham off the back of an encouraging draw against Louisville, and the novelty of playing in Legion Field will be too much. The Legion will put 3 past them like in game one last year.
Season to Date 0/4 0/4 0/4 0/4

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