The Pundit Panel (Week 5, Game 1): Legion v. OKC Energy

The OKC team name is obviously ironic

Last week was a rough one, although Kaylor hit the nail on the head (he probably borrowed the hammer from San Antonio). This week is the Legion’s first twofer of the season, and here’s how the brainiacs think it will turn out:

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
win 2-0

win 2-1

win 3-1

win 2-0
Comments The Legion should have done better against San Antonio, and they need to take that loss and use it as fuel. The floundering OKC Energy is winless in 4 games and should be an easy 3 points. However, Birmingham’s apparent inability to rack up goals means this game will be tighter than it ought to be. It seems almost customary for Birmingham to give up a goal per 90 minutes. OKC Energy seems to be a proven goal scoring team. However, Neco Brett finds the net pretty regularly for the Legion, and the back line is growing ever tighter. Birmingham’s continuity and home field advantage should see them produce their first multi goal match, and get the win.
Legion are going to try and bounce back from a difficult and frustrating loss. Luckily, OKC is proving to be one of the worst teams in the USL. This should be the coming out party for the offense for Legion FC. 
Half of Legion’s goals conceded have come from set pieces (corners) and OKC have proved to be set piece specialists as all but 1 goal have come from set pieces. I wouldn’t be shocked if their one goal is from a set piece.
Legion to bounce back against an OKC team that hasn’t looked good so far this season. Legion 2-0 winners. If Legion don’t win, or even struggle in this one, I fear it may be a long season for the 3 Sparks after a disappointing start in their own right.
Season to Date 1/8 1/8 4/8 1/8

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