Player ratings, week 5 (Match 1) vs OKC Energy F.C.

Midweek Momentum

Birmingham Legion grabbed another 3 points Wednesday, against a game OKC Energy F.C. There’s a lot of new faces around the Energy grounds, and Legion tried to exploit that with a new look formation for the evening, ultimately getting the win. Here’s a look at how the players looked in this different shape.

23: J.J. Williams – 8.0 – How unselfish he was for the Lappa goal. Williams was pushed up in a more natural striker position this match. When Williams accompanied Brett in the box, the Energy back line looked confused and helpless. 

11: Neco Brett – 7.0 – Always a threat up top, Brett was a little quiet on the evening. He needed more from Williams in this match. When they were together in the box, it was beautiful, however Williams kept dropping a little too deep. That left Brett alone up top, and not nearly threatening enough throughout.

8: Bruno Lapa – 9.0 – So slick on the ball he is. Lapa went rather unnoticed in the first throes of the match, but quietly built up his own head of steam. Punctuated by a wonderful run, and match winning shot, he went on to dominate for the rest of the second half as well.

6: Anderson Asiedu – 8.5 – The midfield machine. Asiedu is becoming a force to be reckoned with. His footwork usually finds him in space, and his distribution has been ever improving. That’s not to mention his defensive work rate. All of which were on display against OKC Energy. 

16: Diago Kobayashi – 7.5 – Pure class. Kobayashi found himself in some great spaces in the midfield, and linked up beautifully with Johnny Dean all evening. 

7: Ryan James – 8.0 – This kid is really growing into his role at the club. He and Kavita have a nice partnership going, and consistently close down the left. His attacking workrate, positioning, and passing were impressive Wednesday too. 

24: Johnny Dean – 8.0 – Dean was also highly effective in the attack. Mostly linking with Kobayashi up and down the pitch, it was his interpassing with Lappa that set up the goal. 

22: Ben Ofeimu – 7.0 – Not much was asked of Legions back line, but Ofeimu did his part to keep the clean sheet.

3: Phanuel Kavita –  7.5 – A pretty easy night overall for the Captain. His partnership with James will be something to keep an eye on throughout the season. 

4: Freddy Kleeman – 7.5 – A solid debut for the loanee. Did all that was asked on defense, and almost nicked a goal. Outside of the yellow card a nice showing from the new defender.

1: Matt Vanoekel – 7.5 – As expected. The rare shot that did squeeze past the back line, Legions number 1 easily took care of. 


Subs & More:


12: Eli Crognale – 7.0 – A nice showing from another midfield buzz saw.

17: Jaden Servania – 7.0 – On to the pitch, and straight to the attack. Servania is another promising young talent, and he’s not afraid to take it to a defender.

20: Zachary Herivaux – 7.5 – Very imposing in the midfield. Zachary seems like a nice acquisition for Birmingham Legion.

Coach Soehn – 7.5 – Very nice decision to go with two attackers. I’m not sure if it was his instruction, or J.J. Williams’ instinct to drop back, but Birmingham Legion looked much better when he played higher. Looking forward to more of this formation going forward. 

Ref Matt Thompson – 8.0 – The most consistent refereeing in a Legion match thus far in the season.

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