Player ratings, week 7 vs OKC Energy F.C.

Making it a habit.

John Fuller

Birmingham Legion traveled to Oklahoma and put on a show of grit and fortitude. Keeping their top spot in the Central Division, Legion book ended last Saturdays match with goals in the 3rd and 83rd minutes to overcome a late penalty converted by OKC Energy. Ratings for the players, after another three points, are as follows:

11: Neco Brett – 9.0 – What a way to introduce oneself to a game. Always one to be able to find space between defenders, Brett did just that for his 50th goal of his career. Receiving a glancing header from Williams, Neco charges forward and smashes home his 6th of the season, and in only 8 games. 

8: Bruno Lapa – 8.0 – Not the orchestrator we’re used to seeing, on the night, Lapa still commands respect. OKC Energy did all they could to stop Lapa’s dribbling and passing, but his runs and dummies off the ball were still enough to take defenders out of plays and open up the pitch for other Legion players around him.

7: Ryan James – 6.5 – One of the worst performances we’ve seen from James. The yellow card is somewhat admissible as a mistake, but the wrestling in the box to give away the penalty is much harder to forgive. The rest of his play was fine, as usual, but those mishaps need to be eradicated before Legion faces better drilled opponents. 

23: J.J. Williams – 9.5 – An assist at the beginning, and a goal in the end. My Man of the Match, J.J. Williams sealed the deal for Legion Saturday night against OKC Energy. Brilliant heading, and positioning throughout the match is what set J.J. apart. Each of those skills came into play to lift Legion twice up, and get the win in the end. 

24: Jonathan Dean – 7.0 – Tireless as always. Dean’s endless running finally paid off in the end, as he got his assist on the Williams goal.

22: Ben Ofeimu – 7.0 – A rather routine run out for the Legion defender. Substituted early for injury, Ofeimu put in a solid shift while in the match.

6: Anderson Asiedu – 8.0 – A constant for Legion. Asiedu, as always, found himself everywhere on the pitch last Saturday. Putting out a fire here, and dribbling away from danger there, Asiedu is an essential cog in this Legion midfield machine. 

21: Alex Crognale – 7.0 – Alex spent his evening winning aerial duels all over OKC Energy field at Taft Stadium. Legions overall height was on display against Energy, but OKC found it increasingly difficult to get around Legions 6’ 5” defender.

20: Zachary Herivaux – 7.0 – Nothing flashy from one of Legions newest acquisitions, but a successful evening nonetheless. Herivaux did his defensive duties as well as anyone, and kept plenty of Energy attacks quiet.

3 Phanuel Kavita (C)  – 8.0 – Another run of the mill night of brilliant defending from Legions captain. Kavita did his job as usual, but also made an outstanding dash with one of Energy’s attackers to nullify a dangerous attack. 

1: Matt Vanoekel – 8.0 – Lost his head and picked up a needless yellow near the end of the match. Other than that, Vanoekel was steady as usual. Stuffed out plenty of Energy attacks throughout the evening, and almost saved the penalty. He also put in the long ball to Williams, that found Brett that found the goal. Not the worst evening for Legions number 1.


Subs & More:


5: Mikey Lopez – 6.5 – A quick little run around out in Oklahoma.

17: Jaden Servania – 6.5 – Also had a nice little run in the Oklahoma evening, as a welcome back from national team duty. 

12: Eli Crognale – 7.0 – A routine outing for the midfielder. No mistakes were made, and the match was won.

77: Junior Flemmings – 7.0 – Adding a bit of pace and trickery to contend with, disconnected the Energy back line, and eventually led to Legion’s second goal.

Coach Soehn – 8.0 – Was keeping the same formation really a decision? Coach Soehn does well to keep up the attack against a disjointed OKC Energy team still finding its footing this season. As Legion’s other players become healthy once again, I would like to see a bit of a pack shuffle in the coming matches. That being said, Soehn’s strategy stays sound for now.

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