The Pundit Panel (Week 9, Game 1): Legion @ Louisville City

The toughest game of the year?

John, Jacob and Simon all correctly predicted a Legion win last time out, but an iffy PK spoiled perfect calls for John and Simon.

This game is the second – and last – regular season trip to Kentucky. The first was a 1-1 draw; how will this one turn out? Well, our experts are of one mind…not.

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
draw 1-1

win 3-1

win 2-1

draw 1-1
Comments Louisville put 3 in the Memphis net this past weekend, but one was a deflected free kick and another a PK. Only one open play goal, and all 3 were after a 901 red card. OTOH, they allowed just 3 shots all game.

The Legion’s new formation is maturing quickly, and goals and chances are beginning to multiply. And the Three Sparks defense is also very strong.

All told, I don’t see the 4-game win streak continuing, but I also don’t see any home advantage beyond location. They split 1-1.

Louisville City F.C, bolstered by their latest win, will come out fast. This should play right into the hands of this well oiled countered attacking Legion side. Birmingham keep up the same formation, and their speed going forward will prove too much for this Louisville side that has been struggling against top of the table opponents.
In an exciting match against OKC, the Legion once again showed that they can score multiple times in a match, but Lou City once again showed why they’re the Beasts in the East against Area Code FC with an explosive second half. 
With Lynn Family moving to full capacity, this will likely be the biggest fan base the Three Sparks will face this year. All that said, Legion will score but Lou City will show why they’re the standard. 
A result tonight against Louisville would be huge, and effectively allow Legion to stake a claim as favorites to win this division. Louisville is still Louisville, though, and so I’ll be happy with a repeat of our first go-around in bourbon country. I’m going with a 1-1 draw.
Season to Date 4/16 5/16 9/16 4/16

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