The Pundit Panel (Week 10): Legion @ The Miami FC

Not to be confused with A Miami FC

Well, John’s prediction of a 90-minute rain delay last game turned out to be just a tad on the low side. Other than that, we have to start that one all over again later in the season.

The Legion now head to South Florida for a match-up with the only Miami team that currently plays in Miami. How will they fare?

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
win 2-0

win 2-0

win 3-1

win 2-1
  Miami have just 3 wins (against weakish opposition – NYRBII, Loudoun and Charlotte) in 8 games. They have earned just 4 points in their last 4 games. This is an underperforming team, and the Legion will take advantage of that. A new win streak starts, and MVO gets a clean sheet. The Miami FC are currently riding a three match winless streak. Legion still looked good in their loss, and in the start to their previously abandoned match. Birmingham will pick right where they left off, and get another three points this week. While Miami has a very talented line up, it has been a massively underperforming side for this entire year. While players like Speedy Williams and former star for the Legion Bolu Akinyode have been great performers for the team, there has yet to be a full team performance this year. Miami are not the same team Legion took apart on a midweek road trip last season. They are a better team, having made some shrewd additions (including ex-Legion midfielder Bolu Akinyode), but their results have still been mixed so far. It won’t be a demolition, but I think Legion comes away with a 2-1 win.
Season to Date 4/18 5/18 10/18 4/18

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