The Pundit Panel (Week 11, Game 1): Legion v. Atlanta United 2

Staying on top in the Central Division?

Mitchell Martin

Everyone on the panel correctly predicted a Legion win down in Miami, but only Simon got the margin of victory right. This week is a double-header, starting off with the first visit this season by Atlanta United 2. Fireworks are planned for after the game, but will there be fireworks on the field?

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
win 1-0

win 2-0

win 2-0

win 2-0
  Twonited are in a slump under new head coach Jack Collison, and have just 4 points from 4 games under his leadership. Aiden McFadden has been inexplicably benched, but Rocco Rios Novo has been installed as the goalkeeper of choice.

Despite being the hottest team in the USL Championship, the Legion are still struggling to score, but should be able to find the net. Another donut for Matt van Oekel is also on the cards.

Consistency is key. The Legion have found a reliable form, racking up three wins since last they faced, and beat, Atlanta United 2. Birmingham Legion also has Anderson Asiedu. He has been nothing if not consistent this season, and he always has a little more to prove against any Atlanta side. Asiedu bosses the space in front of the back line, Legion comes out with two up top again, and finds the back of the net again, and again.
From being the shocker of the USL Central to becoming a team without a win in three matches, ATL 2 has been a real head scratcher. While their new coach has brought consistency in their style, formation, and line up, they’ve been playing without star player Aiden McFadden. Without McFadden, goals are going to be hard to come by and their defense has been rocky at best. 
Because of that, I think it’ll be a 2-0 win for the Three Sparks. 
2-0 Legion. Neco Brett to score again because, at this point, isn’t it inevitable?
Season to Date 5/20 6/20 11/20 6/20

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