The Pundit Panel (Week 16): Legion @ FC Tulsa

Another team in black and gold.

Both John and Kaylor correctly predicted a Three Sparks win Wednesday night, and Kaylor got the 3-1 scoreline on the nose. What do they think about Saturday’s game?

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Win 2-1

Win 3-1

Win 2-1

Win 2-0
  How does a team beat Louisville City and then go on a four-game losing streak? Hard to say, but Tulsa managed it. That includes a 2-0 home loss to Indy on Wednesday evening giving up 2 late goals.

And yet they remain in 3rd place, if only on tiebreakers. Yet another unpredictable team in an unpredictable division.

To right the ship they face a Legion team coming off its best offensive performance of the season and chasing Lou City hard. It won’t be their night. 2-1 Legion.

With both teams having played some of the same opposition lately, we can more clearly see what caliber these two are firing at and Tulsa is missing the mark. They are currently caught in a slide, being beaten in their last four matches, and now have to welcome the Legion to their home. Legion will keep streaking forward and finding the net, strengthening their push for the top spot in the Central Division.

This FC Tulsa has had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster at Alabama Adventure, but just like all the name changes of the Alabama Amusement Park, it’s been a wild ride from day one. This team has the potential to be an Eastern Conference Finalist, but could also see themselves knocked out in the first round in a 6-0 defeat. It’s not about the talent, but rather how the talent will play.

I think the new tactical changes for the Legion will challenge the Scissortails and will create and AWESOME battle for Dean and Corrales, but we will wait and see.

I think this is a perfect set up for a 2-1 Legion win.

Tulsa beat Louisville back in July but have lost 4 straight since. Dare I dream that Legion’s attack has finally started hitting its full potential after Wednesday night? 3 goals and not one of them from Neco? I’m going to be optimistic and say, yes. Legion to win 2-0 with goals from JJ and Anderson to finally score the screamer he’s been threatening for weeks, now.
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