The Pundit Panel (Week 17 Game 1): Legion @ Sporting Kansas City II

On the bounce?

Well, no one got the Tulsa game right. Shocking. This week the panel gets two shots at redemption; what do they think about the first game against Sporting Kansas City II?

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Win 4-0

Win 3-0

Win 4-1

Draw 1-1
  Would it surprise you to learn that SKC II is scoring at a rate that is just 0.02 goals per game less than the Legion? And that of their 21 goals (the Legion has just 19, but in 2 fewer games), 7 have been against FC Tulsa?

If that worries you, then also know that they have allowed 34 goals so far.

But if the Three Sparks field three center backs and have Neco, Junior and JJ up front, those stats are going to get worse.

And if Bruno is healthy, look out.

The Legion face another team having a streak of mundane performances in Sporting KC II, whose last win was just over a month ago now. Both teams are still reeling from 3-1 (Legion) and 4-1 (Sporting) defeats in their last matches. Birmingham have shown over the course of the season that they can bounce back quickly from setbacks. Sporting’s results have been choppy at best, stringing nothing of note together over the course of this season. Look for a big Legion response tonight. Fireworks before the fireworks. Birmingham Legion 3 – 0 Sporting KC II. 
This Legion is coming off of one of the most demoralizing defeats I can remember in a long time, but we get to rebound with the worst club in the Central. 
If the Three Sparks can shut down Mushagalusa, one of the best left wingers in the league, then we should have an easy win. 
Legion win 4-1. 
After a disappointing game at Tulsa, Legion’s inconsistency continues to outshine the team’s actual talent! Honestly, SKCII get beat a lot of the time and I’d love to be confident of 3 points but a 1-1 draw isn’t out of the question depending on which Legion team turns up.
Season to Date 8/32 9/32 13/32 10/32

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