The Pundit Panel (Week 19): Legion v. Louisville City

The purple dinosaurs come to town

Conor Cunningham

No one anticipated a loss against Tulsa last week in what should have been a bounce back game for the team. This week gets even harder as the Central Divisions leaders head to the Magic City. Here’s how the panel see it playing out:

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Win 2-1
Draw 2-2 Draw 2-2
  The good news for the Legion is that Lou City ended up with a surprising 0-0 draw at OKC Energy last Sunday. They were dealing with a couple of injury issues, and picked up a couple more in that game. As a result they have 4 starters out and will need to work their depth.

As for the Three Sparks, last week’s loss should have come as a hard dose of reality. Some players – and coaches – need to step up. Will they be able to do so even against a hobbled giant?

To be honest, I don’t think so. A draw would be a good result, but the chances for a another loss are high. Lou City 2-1.


With the 3 Sparks on a slide and in a place of tactical confusion, it’s easy to give Legion no chance to win this match, but with the recent developments of my Young Player of the Year Gomez, Tommy McCabe, and Corbin Bone out for this match, Legion have a much different looking Louisville City team coming to BBVA Field.

That said, the formula is simple: 1. Play 3 in the back 2. Shoot more often 3. Roll with the punches. If the Legion do that, then I think that we have a great chance for 3 points.

My prediction? 2-2 draw.

So, this is it. Arguably the biggest regular season game in Legion’s short but memorable history. If we have any hope of winning the division we must win. 3 points will also help to make our second place (and home playoff berth) a little bit safer. However, I just can’t see them pulling off a win but won’t let myself predict a Legion loss. 2-2 draw.
Season to Date 9/38 10/38 14/38 12/38

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