The Pundit Panel (Week 23, Game 1): Legion @ Atlanta United 2

Off to Georgia again

No one on the panel anticipated dropping points at home against OKC Energy last weekend, so no improvement in anyone’s score. This week is yet another double-game week (there’s one more still to come in mid-October); how will the Legion handle it?

  John Fuller Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Prediction Win 2-1 Win 2-1 Draw 1-1
  This is a must-win game, as is the game at the weekend. Fortunately, the Three Sparks are getting nearer to full strength. Look for Bruno Lapa in particular to make an impact.

On the other side, Atlanta United 2 has been going in the opposite direction to its parent club, although they have had a tough schedule recently. They also need the points here.

So: who wants it more? I think the Three Sparks will take it, but only just.

3 points. That’s the expectation. That’s the requirement. With FC Tulsa dropping points this last weekend, the Legion stay in second but only by the skin of our teeth. Legion is getting healthier and getting some star players back, but with this game being in Georgia, we need to be prepared for some MLS players to be dropped down to Twonited.

We need 3 points. The team knows. The fans know. We need to stop Aiden McFadden, but after that, we need to score and score more.

2-1 Legion

Legion on the road in the middle of the week. I’m not sure this is a combination that ever ends well and we aren’t exactly on a hot streak right now. 1-1 draw.
Season to Date 10/48 15/48 15/48

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