The Pundit Panel (Week 23, Game 2): Legion v. Charlotte Independence

He's ba-ack

John and Kaylor both correctly predicted the Legion win over Twonited, but no one expected the blowout, so only 1 point each. Simon’s draw prediction turned out to be…er…pesssimistic. An old enemy returns today; will revenge be exacted?

  John Fuller Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Prediction Win 2-1 Win 3-2 Draw 1-1
  A win puts the Legion just 1 point shy of Lou City and 8 points clear of Tulsa. It is therefore an imperative.

Riding on the back of a 4-0 away win, the Three Sparks should be confident, and rested as well. Not only that, but Bruno Lapa looked good in his first start in forever.

Charlotte is not a pushover though. They are on a 4-game win streak, albeit with some luck and a couple of weakish opponents.

It is a year and 2 weeks since Enzo Martinez’ Oscar-worthy dive got Anderson Asiedu ejected. Expect karma to make the difference.

Charlotte is back and is as dangerous as ever. It’s unfortunate that the Charlotte crowd doesn’t appreciate it because their owner is still in charge and continues to embarrass. Anyway, bad blood from last year and real hatred from the Legion faithful should create a real memorable atmosphere in a MUST WIN match. 
The ‘Man Bun’ Martinez is having another amazing year but our new signing Bruno Lapa has proven that he’s still amazing after recovering from his hernia. I expect a classic today.
3-2 Legion 
Season to Date 11/50 16/50 15/50

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