The Legion signs Croatian Edi Horvat

A new secret weapon?

In contrast to a long series of more or less expected news, the Legion today announced they have signed relatively unknown Croatian center forward Edi Horvat to for the 2022 season.

Horvat is hardly a recognizable name – his previous club was NK Fužinar of the Slovenian Second League. There are precisely two YouTube videos highlighting him. One is just 20 seconds of him introducing himself, the other more useful one is this:

You can also find some more video of him by searching for Fužinar on YouTube.

Nominally he’s a center forward and the highlights tend to suggest he’s something of a goal poacher, similar in many ways to new signing Marlon Santos. However, he seems to be pretty versatile, playing as what looks like a right back in several sequences and as a winger in others.

I have been unable to determine of the Slovenian Second League is fully professional. Judging by the number of fans in most of the highlights I doubt it. Slovenia has a total population of 2.1 million as well. It’s also barely 1/20th the size of Alabama. Which is all to say, playing and traveling in the US is probably going to be quite an adjustment for him. But it’s also a huge step up in his career so motivation should be high.

And so the building of Legion 4.0 continues. Who else is coming on board?

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