Jonny Dean resigns with the Legion

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The news that virtually every Legion fan had been waiting on – at least all those who spend their lives on Twitter – finally dropped this morning, as the team announced that fullback Jonny Dean has signed a new contract (details were not provided).

The news comes on the back of the signings of Zach Herivaux and Jake Rufe last week, such that much of the squad’s core from last season is now back with the team.

Dean was of course the 2021 Fans’ Choice MVP, and the #AnnounceDean hashtag quickly became a staple in the Legion social media world after it became clear he was out of contract at the end of last season. There was some speculation that he was potentially looking at offers elsewhere, most likely an MLS team, but both Jonny and the team were completely silent as to his whereabouts or the progression of any new contract negotiations.

Whatever the delay, he is now back and the team’s 2022 season preparations get a major boost.

We are working on a team depth article (which now needs a major update!) and what this might mean tactically, so look for that soon.

In the meantime, welcome back Hotlinks!

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