FC Birmingham now in the UPSL

And the schedule is out too

FC Birmingham, which played in the Pioneer Premier League this past fall, has moved to the UPSL for the 2022 spring season. There is little information available on this change, although I believe it had always been intended for the club to play in the UPSL. The PPL is also an affiliate of NISA, which, if you know anything about that league, may also have factored into the change.

The UPSL was founded in 2011 and therefore is a fairly stable organization. It exists as a professional development league and has over 300 teams in two divisions. Those are the Premier Division and Division 1. Those are broken down into numerous regional conferences, further broken down into, confusingly, divisions. FC Birmingham will be in the Georgia Division of the Southeast Conference of the Premier Division. The Georgia Division now needs a name change, I guess. There are 11 teams total, so the FCB spring season will consist of 10 games.

The season schedule is out and be seen here. FCB home games are played at Lawson Field (on Oporto Madrid Boulevard just north of I-20). Of the team’s home games, only the opener (April 10th) conflicts with a Legion game.

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