The Forge is taking a vacation

Carry me home to see my kin

Yes, I know it’s the second vacation I’ve taken this year already. But hey, what would you do when the Legion are off for over two weeks? Timing is everything.

This time we’re heading over the Atlantic to the Old Country, where of course there is also no soccer going on (plenty of football, though, as it happens) but where doubtless the media will still be ranting about the embarrassing loss to Hungary this past week. So, we will be making a couple of brief posts this week, but will be pretty much silent on social media.

The Legion’s next game kicks off at 2:00am UK time on the day we are scheduled to return, so yeah, I think the Forge will be missing that one. Especially with a wedding to attend on Saturday.

With that, have fun while we’re gone!

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