Zach Herivaux signs with the Tampa Bay Rowdies

A key 2022 player is gone

We haven’t exactly had much to report on lately, so there has been silence at the Forge for a while, but today is going to be a big day.

Unfortunately, the news starts off with a negative. This morning the Tampa Bay Rowdies announced that they have signed Zach Herivaux for the 2023 season.

The Legion haven’t been too active with off-season stuff so far. The team has re-signed Mikey Lopez, Alez Crognale, Phanuel Kavita and Trevor Spangenberg to new contracts, but that’s about it. Losing Zach, who had developed into an incredible defensive midfielder, is the first big loss in a defense that looks to be staying pretty solid.

Zach was a Legion OG back in 2019, left to San Antonio in 2020, but came back for the last two seasons, totalling 79 appearances. He will be missed and leaves a big hole to fill.

That being said, all thanks to Zach for his invaluable contributions over 3 seasons, and all the best for the upcoming season!

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