Legion Reveals New Vulcan Kit

Get your wallets out

Yesterday afternoon at a ceremony held at Vulcan Park on Red Mountain, the Birmingham Legion unveiled its newest kit. The kit will be first seen in action tomorrow in the game against Memphis 901.

The kit was designed with the full cooperation of the park, under the management of President and CEO Cynthia Cardona, who was presented with a customized shirt along with each of her team members. This was key as all commercial use of the Vulcan statue’s image are subject to licencing by the park. Cardona stated that the park was more than happy to extend its branding through another outlet. The local Coca-Cola marketing team also received custom shirts.

Cynthia Cardona, President & CEO of Vulcan Park, with her customized shirt.

The kit was designed by the Legion’s new apparel provider Hummel. Hummel, which celebrated its own centenary last year is currently Danish-based but was originally German. The name means bumblebee in German, hence the company’s logo. Hummel is not the USL’s official provider; that is now Mexican company Charly, but teams are not obliged to use them (in contrast to MLS’ exclusive contract with Adidas). Both companies are known for interesting and innovative designs, and the new Legion kit is no exception to that.

The kit is primarily black but features vertical stripes all the way to the shoulder, but fading slightly as they rise. The stripes themselves are not solid but are thinner stripes of black and grey, except for the edges of the central all-black stripe which are solid gold and rise to the outline of Vulcan at the chest. The edges thus represent the column on which Vulcan stands in the park. As for Vulcan himself, he is pointing at the Legion’s three sparks. The shirt also has a gold spear and hammer crossed at the hem.

The sponsors remain the same; Coca-Cola in the front, UAB Sports Medicine on the sleeve and Chick-fil-A and Shipt on the back. The shorts are all black with the iconic Hummel chevrons in gold outline at each hip (as they are on the shoulders as well). The socks are also all black, with LEGION FC on the front and two gold Hummel chevrons on the back.

Vulcan is of course the most recognizable symbol of Birmingham. This blog uses his outline in its logo for that very reason and our name also evokes him. Now we have two kits representing the two best-known statues in the city, who both represent power and also happen to be gods (even if from different pantheons). Great designs and great merchandising.

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