Legion FC TV Uncovered

Birmingham Legion's Roku Channel.

The soccer channel you didn’t know you needed

The History

What a gem we’ve found. Birmingham Legion now has a Roku channel, Legion FC TV. With the new channel being largely unannounced I wasn’t expecting much upon opening it for the first time. Much to my surprise Legion FC TV is already packed with content. What looks to be the entire inaugural(2019) and 2020 campaigns are available to the viewers now. And if you don’t think you have time to watch two entire seasons of Legion history before this next chapter, don’t worry! There seems to be corresponding highlights of both seasons for a quick view, refresher.

The Tactics

Sure, there’s plenty of matches to watch from the past, but we also get a glimpse into the future. This past weekend’s double header scrimmage against Atlanta United FC isn’t uploaded yet (no word on when or if that will happen), but there is a coaches tactical cam view of the March 13th scrimmage against Chattanooga FC. If you want to dive deeper there’s also tactical break down videos starring the men that make the plans, Coaches Tommy Soehn, and Khano Smith. 

Everything Else

Legion FC TV also welcomes all types of fans new and old, with a section of “Club Videos.” These range in topic from a twitter mix up with Birmingham City Football club across the pond, to the history and legacy of civil rights in the city, and how Birmingham Legion are helping to fight for the human and civil rights movement. 

And It’s free

Outside of the initial expense of owning a Roku, this free television app is better than it has any right to be. I don’t know if there are any plans on live streaming games from this channel as of now, but considering its glowing initial review, I have high hopes. Maybe that will be when the big announcement drops? Who knows? There’s plenty of Birmingham Legion football to catch up with in the meantime. Just search, “Legion FC TV” on your Roku or Roku tv, press the download button, and enjoy!



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