The Pundit Panel (Week 15): Legion v. Atlanta United 2

Atlanta back for the second of three trips; how will they do?

No one got the Indy score exactly right, but Jacob and Simon correctly divined the margin of victory, so they get full points. John and Kaylor both looked to get a perfect 1-1 draw until Jonny Dean decided that wasn’t happening with regular time expiring. Twonited are back for another shot at actually playing a game in Birmingham; what does the panel think will happen?

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Win 2-0

Win 2-1

Win 2-1
  Twonited beat Tulsa 2-1 Wednesday night ahead of two games in the Magic City within a week. They did have 10 days rest before that game, so their best chance of points from the double visit is tomorrow.

I don’t see that happening. Atlanta has been schizophrenic this season, the Legion’s defense is among the league’s elite, and the attack should be near full strength (minus maybe Bruno Lapa). Look for another donut win.

Atlanta United 2 is one of the most confusing clubs in the Central. They have major talent, especially in Aiden McFadden, the goal scorer in the match that didn’t exist, but the rest of the team is insanely hit or miss. 
ATL 2 is proving to be a headache for all Central teams, but with Junior and Zach rejoining the team, it’s safe to say that Legion should be able to “out talent” the boys from Kennesaw. 
Legion wins 2-1.
2-1 Legion. I foresee another game where the 3 Sparks take the lead only to be pegged back meaning late heroics are needed again.
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