The Pundit Panel (Week 16): Legion v. Atlanta United 2

Atlanta back for the second of three trips; how will they do?

No one on the panel expected a draw, and probably no one on the field either, so no points awarded this time around. The panel gets a second shot at predicting the “first” home game against Atlanta United 2, although Jacob and Simon are absent this week (hey, it’s summer, right?).

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Win 2-1

Win 3-1
  Four days are nowhere near long enough to forget the theft of two points at the death last time out, and the Legion will not be in a forgiving mood. Look for the Three Sparks to come out swinging (though probably not with hammers in hand).

Aiden McFadden will likely be troublesome again, but will ultimately fail to make a difference. Neco to score again, and either JJ or Junior to add a second.

In our part two of the ATL 2 home stand, the Legion to recover after a heartbreaking draw for the 5 Stripes. 
Will the Legion look to play quick 1-2s last Saturday or use all their space and rotating libero like against Indy? We will wait and see, but either way, Three Points is a must for the 3 Sparks. 
3-1 Win for the Legion. 
Season to Date 7/28 9/28 11/28 10/28

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