The Pundit Panel (Week 21): Legion @ FC Tulsa

Back to Oklahoma

Unsurprisingly, the late collapse was entirely unexpected by the panel, so no points to anyone. This week doesn’t get any easier, as the Three Sparks are on the road again in unfriendly territory. Here’s what the panel think:

  John Fuller Jacob Harris Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Prediction Win 2-1 Win 2-1 Draw 1-1
  This one fills me with dread. The Legion is on a downward trajectory at precisely the wrong time, and the Tulsans are on the rise at precisely the right time.

The Three Sparks need to reset. Tactically, physically, mentally and emotionally. Do not expect  the Flycatchers to allow that to happen.

A draw in this crucial 6-pointer would be good, but I can’t see it. FC Tulsa take this one.

Hints of 2020? Maybe. Legion are spinning. It’s a massive understatement to say that the Legion need a win in Tulsa on Saturday. Because they’re on a baseball field again, the Legion will struggle to play their game as the strengths of the 3 Sparks is working space and using speed to create it but the baseball field will not allow them to do so. 
I have a horrible feeling that this will go poorly. 
2-1 Tulsa
It feels like the perfect storm is brewing against Legion. Losing in the most heartbreaking way possible against Memphis and now facing a white-hot Tulsa on the road in another baseball stadium… where we got busted 3-1 mere weeks ago. I would love to think we can break through and get a win but avoiding defeat is enough for now. 1-1 draw.
Season to Date 10/44 11/44 15/44 13/44

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