The Pundit Panel (Week 28): Legion v. Louisville City

The biggest game of the year

Everyone guessed right on the win last week, but no one got the score right. Not even close. This week is the regular season finale and everything is on the line. Here’s how the panel think it will go down:

  John Fuller Kaylor Hodges Simon Iles
Prediction Draw 1-1 Win 2-1 Draw 1-1

I’ve said it several times over the past few weeks. For all Lou City’s vaunted power, they have of late become vulnerable. Going back to the last meeting between the two teams, they are a rather ordinary 5-4-3. So 12 of their wins this season were over the first 19 games. And that includes a 4-game homestand to start the season, when they went 3-0-1 (guess who the draw was against?).

More than that, they are a rather tidy 5-5-5 on the road. Again, 12 of their wins have been at home. So they’ve been iffy down the stretch and on the road all season.

In contrast, the Legion are 10-3-2 at home and 8-1-3 up to the last meeting.

Also in those last 12 games, Lou City’s scoreline is 21-16 and the Legion’s is 26-9.

Hmmm. The numbers say a Three Sparks win but the motivation level will be sky high on both sides. The Legion only need a draw, and I think that’s what they’ll get.

So this is how the regular season ends, with the division up for grabs and the Legion in control of our destiny. What is going to happen? Louisville City has to win and a draw means absolutely nothing so we’ll see their strongest line up and the most attacking team we’ve seen all year long.

The name of the game will be defend and counter attack with the Legion because we have not played a team that will attack us like Louisville City is about to attack. Hopefully that means mistakes will be made by the boys in Purple trying to press farther than they can, but with a team like Lou City, it’s highly unlikely.

How do I think it will end? I want to be hopeful and confident but something is screaming to not allow myself to fall into this trap. I pray I’m wrong, but I feel that the regular season will end bittersweetly.

2-1 Lou City (but I’ll happily be wrong)

Well, it all comes down to this – just as many of us hoped, honestly. I feel like we’ve had a few “biggest game in the club’s short history” this season but this tops them all (until next week). It would be a statement for Legion to beat Louisville again, and to claim the division title in style. However, a draw is enough for the 3 Sparks and I predict a 1-1 draw. Louisville takes the lead, we get an equalizer and a nervy finish but the boys in black and gold hold on to claim the division crown!
Season to Date 19/62 23/62 21/62


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